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Dear members of ICMRS,

2022 has been a remarkable year for ICMRS.  We would like to begin this note by saying the global musculoskeletal research could not have made such significant progress without the hard work from you.  

Since our inception, ICMRS has had a clear mission to advance the global musculoskeletal research agenda through excellence in education, research collaboration, and networking. A look back at 2022, our members have made outstanding contribution to the research of musculoskeletal research from different continents in the world. Notably, a remarkable study (Chen et al) published in Nature led by Professors Shunwu Fan and Xianfeng Lin from our ICMRS centre at the Sun Run-Run Shown Hospital at Zhejiang University, which made an international news headline. The team has done crossing species transfer of plant derived sacs known as thylakoids into animal and human cells. Delivering chondrocyte membrane coated nano-thylakoids into the osteoarthritic mouse knee joints slowed down cartilage degeneration after light activation. The team reported for the first time, scientists can use light to synthesis ATP in human and animal cells and cure disease.

During 2022, ICMRSI has improved the financial situation significantly. We have increased our revenue by over $66k. We have now established new research awards including  a) Lifetime Achievement Award,  b) Distinguished Clinical Investigator Award, c) Distinguished Translational Research Investigator Award,  d) Distinguished Basic Science Research Investigator Award. E) ICMRS Service Medals. Announcement for call of award nomination has been made by the nomination committee in December for the deadline in April 2023.  Our membership has increased 11.5% to 709 members.  ICMRS had European chapter at the International Combined Orthopaedic Research Society meeting in Edinburgh and Asia-Pacific Chapter in Australia this year. Two more collaborative centres were established this year, reaching a total of 38 collaborative centres in China. In August 2023, we will have ICMRS centre retreats at Oxford, UK during the meeting of ICMRS Translational medicine in MSK diseases.  We have given over 20 online lectures this year with focus of promoting young investigators. ICMRS wechat public media has attracted more than 4000 followers internationally.  With the great influence an impact on MSK research by our society, we will organise the  International MSK submit 2023 in Broome, Australia on July 2023.  Our society official journals Bone Research and Journal of Orthopaedic Translation continue to lead musculoskeletal research.

Here we like to take an opportunity to thank you all. You are the member of the ICMRS family and have made important contributions to the society.  Our special thanks go to our sponsor Lancet Robotics- Mr. Zhijun Hang and Kun Xian and the ICMRS leadership team -Professors Qing Jiang, Bin Li, Bingyun Li, Qin Ling, Sherry Liu Yang Liu, Guozhi Xiao, Xiaoling Zhang, Xinping Zhang.

At the moment of 2023 cerebration, may warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May love, safe and prosperity follow you always.


Professor Minghao Zheng                                                         

President of ICMRS                                                                        

The University of Western Australia  

Professor Jean Jiang

Board of Director, ICMRS

University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


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